Working to meet the basic needs of anyone seeking help

  • ECAP is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization that supports the health and well being of our community by providing nutritious food, warm coats and blankets, household items, information and referral services to help under-served in Emeryville and surrounding communities.

  • By providing access to food, educational and employment services, healthy lifestyle training, and advocacy, we are able to assist clients to become economically productive independent citizens who can compete in a global society while contributing to the reduction of crime within our communities.

    ECAP was started more than 30 years ago by Nellie Hannon, who recognized the lack of services available to poverty-stricken Emeryville residents.  Determined to bridge the gap, a team consisting of Bobby Miller, the Operations Manager, Founder Nellie Hannon, and a group of dedicated and caring volunteers feed more than 18,000 people fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and packaged food every month.

  • There are no paid employees.  All staff, including the founder, Mrs. Hannon, volunteer their time.

  • ECAP is working to meet the basic needs of anyone seeking help.  Programs offer counseling and referral services, support to youth, service advocacy, food, clothing, and household furnishings

  • Our food program accepts donations and is now distributing healthy fruits, vegetables, meats, can goods, bread, packaged foods and other food products to more than 300 families daily.

  • Since ECAP is the only nonprofit agency serving Emeryville low-income residents primarily, our survival is essential to the overall prosperity the community.